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Coaching, training & community supporting national and international relocating employees, accompanying partners & families 



We know that moving for work offers great opportunities, but also risks. Arriving and thriving takes more than just finding a job and a home. At Enhanced Relocation, we are there for you with tailored one-to-one support and to deliver any training or group coaching you may require. 


 The following pages detail examples of how we can help – but your programme will be tailored to your specific individual needs. For more information, simply reach out to us at


 Thrive@EnhancedRelocation.com.  (Button) or make an appointment for a chat (button)


 Our International Coach Federation accredited coaches are onhand to guide you through the relocation experience. With a combination of face-to-face or virtual meetings, email and telephone support, we are your go-to people to help you arrive and thrive. 




You have worked hard to get this job, now you need to succeed. What will your personal brand be? How will you meet expectations, work out what counts around here and how to be successful? Our coaching will help you settle in quickly in your new job,overcome cultural barriers and make an impact, fast. Balancing work and home life, we will help you find your place in the community too.


Many moves fail because the partner’s needs are not addressed. We recognise the double burden that the partner often carries: to support the move for the whole family and to take care of their own needs, dreams and ambitions. We help you in the work of making a new home, finding your way in the community and, if you choose, finding work, study or volunteering opportunities.


Moves can be hard for kids too. Leaving friends and family behind can seem daunting. We offer individual coaching for kids to manage their own transition into their new school, home and friendship group. We offer psychometric profiling especially developed for kids to help them understand themselves better and what they can do to become happier and more successful.

Ask us about our discounts for multiple programmes to ensure the whole family gets a chance to arrive and thrive!


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