How can we help

As a family you have decided to relocate! How exciting! You have lots of new experiences and challenges to look forward to.

But as exciting as it all is, it is hard to leave your family and loved ones behind… and it’s a bit scary.

It is natural to feel comfortable with the familiar and have fear of the unknown, that is what keeps us safe.

But when we are on the edge of our comfort zone we grow, so in which direction would you like to grow?

We can help you make a family plan to ensure you get the most out of the opportunities relocating can offer and deal with the challenges ahead.

Below are some things we can help you with.  We help by providing you with…

Peace of Mind

✔  Access to the support you need when you need it

✔  Links to other families who are undergoing similar transition

✔  Confidential support from certified coaching professionals who know what you are dealing with


✔  Guidance on where to start

✔  Insight into where you might want to live and why

✔  A checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything important

✔  The confidence to make decisions that work for everyone, with minimal stress


✔  An understanding of English culture

✔  A deeper understanding of your own cultural makeup

✔  Tools for noticing how they differ & ways to avoid misunderstandings

✔  Ways to manage your emotions, your expectations and those of others

✔  Support finding local clubs, sporting activities etc.

The ones we miss

✔  Understanding that it can be very difficult to say goodbye to loved ones

✔  Ways to deal with the challenge of keeping in touch

✔  Perspective around missing out on life back ‘home’

✔  Tools for making room in your life for new people

Moving forward together

✔  Clarity around what you would each like to get out of relocating and the chance to share this

✔  Ideas around when is the best time to tell the children and how to manage their expectations

✔  Support to feel the fear, hold hands and jump anyway

✔  A plan so the whole family feels included

✔  Support to deal with your own and other peoples’ expectations, judgements and actions


✔  A checklist of what needs to be in place to ensure the least stress for everyone

✔  Acknowledgement of how hard it is to relocate your family and the stress it can cause

✔  Tools & tips for healthy, happy kids & how to help them navigate the change

What about me?

✔  Specific life planning support for the accompaning spouse to ensure they have the time and space to consider their own dreams and ambitions and how these can fit with the move.

✔  Understanding that the role of the accompanying spouse often becomes the coordinator of the move and the ‘glue’ that keeps the family together

A Friendly Interface with your new Community

✔  Relocating to the English midlands? 

✔  Meet with friendly like-minded people who know what it is like to be out of place

✔  Link to other families who are undergoing similar transition

✔  Warm introductions to the services and resources you need

Tailored just for you…

Whatever your concerns or objectives, we can help your family arrive and thrive.  Each programme is designed to meet YOUR family’s requirements.


The thought of moving was overwhelming. Coaching helped me find the clarity I needed to support our move and to be excited about new opportunities the move promised.

Siobhan, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK