“Nothing happens in a vacuum in life: every action has a series of consequences, and sometimes it takes a long time to fully understand the consequences of our actions.”
Khaled Hosseini

Relocation is stressful and full of uncertainty, especially when children are involved. As global mobility becomes more prevalent and coaching has matured as a profession there has been a paradigm shift in the way we view support for relocating families. The status quo is not working effectively. What’s missing is heart and minds level support for the whole family.  Companies are usually great at providing bricks and mortar support for families – a place to live, help with schools and connecting utilities, but there is a lot more to happiness – and a lot at stake.

The Challenge

Fundamental human needs – Beyond our basic physiological and safety needs we have the further needs of love & belonging, esteem and self actualisation (see our blog MiFriendly Cities Launch highlights a missing piece in the relocation puzzle). Existing, common one size fits all approaches to relocation almost completely ignore the top three fundamental human needs of Love & Belonging, Esteem and Self-Actualisation.  This is a problem for both the employee and the supporting family members. There is a lot left to chance, leading to the great and unnecessary risk of relocation failure… 


Global mobility is a reality (see our blog on What is ‘home’ ) with currently about one in every 30 people living outside their birth country. Globalisation is increasing and is expected to reach around 500 million by 2050, more than the predicted total population of North America  by that time. ‘Not originally from around here’ is rapidly becoming a new nationality. This effects everyone in communities across the globe…

Relocation Stress– Moving house is often cited as one of the most stressful of life events. Layer upon this the additional challenges faced when moving communities, moving states/counties, moving countries, moving cultures… And once the physical move is complete, there are the months, years and sometimes decades of adjustment and integration into new communities…

Global Mental Health issuesThe World Health Organisation predicts that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of the disease burden globally…


Scarcity of talent – For some key skills there is a limited pool worldwide, leading to a war for talent (see our blog on attraction). You need to make your job opportunity more attractive than others – all over the world


The Global Impact

  •  More people are moving around the world.
  •  Each relocating family faces their own unique set of challenges.
  •  The global competition for talent leads to “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, a cycle of salary inflation, high staff turnover and company disruption.
  •  Those moving need to deal with relocation stress on top of normal day-day stress.
  •  The clear trend to positive mental health being a critical focus into the future is particularly important for relocating talent.

No one wins when relocation fails…

We all, employer, employees, accompanying partner, accompanying children & community, have a vested interest in making relocation a success. About 80% of expats move with a partner or family and the most sited reason for giving up is “Family concerns” including adjustment difficulties. This is probably not surprising when we know that three of the five fundamental human needs are not met for most family relocations.

About 80% of expats move with a partner or family and the most sited reason for giving up is ‘Family concerns’ including adjustment difficulties. This is probably not surprising when we know that three of the five fundamental human needs are not met for most family relocations.

The Solution

Many companies support only the transactional elements of relocation, while some are even more hands off and offer only a sum of money with the employee and their family left to find their own solutions with no support. Many companies don’t even think to introduce families relocating at the same time within their company. At Enhanced Relocation we believe this can be done so much better. How?

The magic ingredient for relocation success is a team of internationally certified coaches who have personal experience of multiple relocations overseeing the journeys of relocating families. 

Enhanced Relocation can be flexible enough to meet each relocating family’s unique needs for help – whether that is simply finding accommodation or more complex issues related to development and well-being. We keep the full picture in mind. Understanding both the physical and emotional need of each member of the family allows us to provide unparalleled support.  

Adding professional coaches with relocation experience to the mix ensures…

1.  Enhanced Understanding of the pressures (discussed above) placed on all parties.

2.  Enhanced focus on the source of the talent.  The employee and their particular skill set is the reason for the relocation being proposed and undertaken.  Supporting the employee is paramount.

3.  Enhanced onboarding We help your new hire land quickly and become the effective team member you want to have. Our programmes address issues such as cultural competence, first 90 days, building effective networks and delivering results.

4.  Enhanced employee tailored programmes Our programmes offer a bridge from getting settled to thriving at work, addressing issues such as building skills, leadership development, career planning.

5. Enhanced support for the employee’s support (their families). Those accompanying the employee are accompanying them for a reason. Employees take only the people most important to them along when they relocate. Family members can only support the employee when they are happy themselves, if they are unhappy family members are more of a concern to the employee than support, causing stress and possible negative impacts to employees work. 

6.  Enhanced family ownership, choice & flexibly. As each employee brings a unique set of skils to a company, each employee brings a unique set of supporters. What would be a priority for one family, many not be a priority for another. Individual coaching has been proven to optimise outcomes for clients and help them feel in control of the situation. A mixture of individual, family and group coaching it is an invaluable tool for identifying priorities and agreed ways forward. The family feeling in control of their own future should be an option offered to all family members to ensure they are each able to optimise the opportunities that come along with the relocation experience.


We encourage you to explore adding our magic ingredient to relocations you may be involved with.  Enhanced Relocation will become the new gold standard of relocation globally. Routinely placing control into the hands of the relocating family will ensure that talent jumps at the chance to take up opportunities in new locations.  This is your new secret ingredient that will put you ahead of the game.

Would you like to know more about adding our secret ingredient to your relocation/s?

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How important is a successful relocation to you? Let’s stop the failed relocations before they start. Making enhanced relocation a priority is your insurance policy.