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Your Talent Strategy requires access to the best skills globally, but businesses tell us they are facing significant challenges. The skills you need are in short supply locally and in the face of Brexit international candidates are less willing to commit to the UK. Many international employees already here are considering leaving. Enhanced Relocation offers packages tailored to your particular needs. We deliver to employees and their families:


  • Onboarding and Cross-Cultural Training
  • Individual Developmental Coaching
  • Community Support

Working together, we can help you attract and retain talent, and support employee effectiveness and wellbeing to make sure your Talent delivers the results you need.




The war for talent is hotting up. Recruitment agencies report a reduced pool of overseas candidates, in some cases down by 50%. Furthermore, more candidates are turning down offers or negotiating higher salaries.

The UK is becoming less attractive as a work destination. A survey of 27,587 expats undertaken by YouGov for HSBC in 2017 showed the UK ranking has slipped from 22 in 2016 to 35.

How can you make YOUR job opportunity more attractive?

✔  Offer an Enhanced Relocation package which includes training, coaching and community support, it’s a great non-salary benefit.

✔  Differentiate yourself from your competitors by showing your potential joiners just how committed you are to them.

✔   Enhanced Relocation contributes towards your talent development strategy and improves your organisation’s effectiveness.

✔  Overcome one of the greatest obstacles to relocation by extending support to the partner and children of your new hire.  Such a move necessitates a big change for the them too.

✔  Help new employees’ partners with personal and professional development. The offer of assistance for family to find their feet in a new location could make a big difference to the success of the move.


The difference between good and poor onboarding of new recruits can make a huge difference to employee effectiveness.

The common assumption is that new starters don’t really hit their stride until at least six months into their employment.

Throw in cross-cultural issues and that lag could easily double.

How can you promote employee effectiveness?

✔  We offer a suite of training days and one-to-one coaching, typically stretching over six months.

✔  We guide new starters to work through their onboarding strategically: focussing on learning, stakeholder management, objectives and getting things done.

✔  Where cross-cultural training is needed, we move beyond the clichés of the British character to help new starters become aware of their own cultural make-up and how to become “cultural detectives.” We help them  make the moves to maximise their impact.


Mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression are now the fourth most common reason for sickness absence in the UK.

Studies have shown that expats have higher risks in this area.

How can you ensure your employees’ wellbeing?

✔  When employees, partners or children are stressed or dissatisfied, productivity and retention are at risk. Organisations that are committed to wellbeing and corporate and social responsibility are increasingly taking steps to assure the wellbeing of their employees.

✔  Our programmes support the employee and their family through the challenging transition process.


In the current Brexit environment there is mounting evidence that international employees are increasingly voting with their feet and moving on to new pastures. Some studies suggest that up to 40% of international placements terminate before their planned end.

When a valued and trained employee leaves, disruption to the organisation follows, including the loss of experience and know-how, as well as the costs of hiring replacements. A high proportion of your hiring, relocation and training costs will go to waste.


How can you hold onto your top Talent?

✔  Individual Coaching could help: It is widely reported that coaching contributes towards wellbeing and company loyalty.

✔  Brexit anxiety is a classic example of a VUCA challenge: the world is becoming more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

✔  We help leaders “be with” and tolerate uncertainty. Applying critical thinking skills with employees at “flight risk” we help to take a rational view on the situation and deepen engagement with the organisation and local community.


Could Enhanced Relocation be a valuable tool in your Talent Strategy?

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