Enhanced Relocation Services for Employees

Ensuring a smooth transition into your new role

How we can help

You’ve secured your new role, congratulations!

You have lots of new experiences and challenges to look forward to.

How to make the most of it?

We can help you set your objectives, plan and make things happen. Are these some of your concerns?




Change and Transition

✔  Take stock of what you have achieved so far

✔  Conscious Uncoupling: Achieve a good leaving

✔  Acknowledge the state of being in between and how that feels

✔  Make some decisions about the future and how you will make it happen

✔  Manage your emotions and those of others

Cultural Issues

✔  What Culture? How national, corporate, professional and belonging interact

✔  Become aware of your own cultural make-up

✔  Become a cultural detective: develop tools for noticing difference

✔  Develop a plan to maximise your impact by fitting in and standing out

Settling in at Work

✔  Make a plan for your onboarding

✔  What and who do you need to know?

✔  Mentors, Buddies and Coaches

✔  How to measure progress


Success at Work

✔  Finding out what counts around here

✔  How do I get things done?

✔  Understand and develop your working style

✔  Take ownership of your own development and success

My Career

✔  Take stock of your achievements to date

✔  Develop your personal brand

✔  Develop a long term vision

✔  Make plans to deliver your ambitions

✔  Keep up to date with developments in your discipline and industry

Taking Care of Me

✔  How do I arrive and thrive in this new location?

✔  Work / Life Balance

✔  Making the most of the new opportunities

✔  Become part of the community

Tailored just for you…

Whatever your concerns or objectives, we can help your family arrive and thrive. Each programme is designed to meet YOUR family’s requirements.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.