Last week Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) confirmed they would be cutting 4500 jobs, predominantly from their UK workforce.  Understandably employees are ‘tense’ with uncertainty.

Here in the English midlands we have a large proportion of JLR’s UK workforce.

We know families that may be directly affected by this decision who are heading into weeks and months of uncertainty. They don’t have much control over the situation, but what they do have is control over how they manage it.

These events bring back vivid memories of when our family was faced with a similar situation 5 ½ years ago when General Motors decided to stop designing and building cars in Australia.  My families’ experience of this turbulent time was a key motivator for me to team up with Linda Spencer to set up Enhanced Relocation Ltd.

At Enhanced Relocation we are committed to holistically supporting families through precisely this kind of change cycle.  We support families to:

  • Decide if to relocate for work or not
  • Make the move
  • Arrive and thrive in their new, chosen community

As a family we have chosen (for various reasons) to relocate internationally five times in the past 18 years. The first 3 moves I made without the assistance of a coach, the last 2 with the assistance of a coach.  For me having a coach made and enormous difference…

What my coach has helped me bring to our situation each time we have been faced with the possibility of upheaval has been invaluable:

  • The ability to better deal with uncertainty
  • A moment to take a breath– reflect on what we had achieved so far and where we really wanted to head in the future
  • The reassurance that we were considering all the variables
  • The confidence that we were making the right decision for our family each step of the way
  • Peace of mind that someone had my back. (When I was tired and my brain was fried from all the logistical considerations I know my coach would ask me the right questions to ensure I had everything covered)
  • A mechanism to work through prioritising task.
  • The resilience to more calmly cope with changes in plans and expectations as they happened.
  • The energy to put myself out there in the new location to help the family integrate into our new community

Ultimately, my coach has been my holdfast – she has instrumental in my navigation of each new set of challenges and allows for a much calmer, confident and positive transition. And let’s face it, ‘Mum’ is often the ‘glue’ that holds the family together.

Some of the lessons I have learnt from previous relocations that may be helpful:

  1. Engage a coach as soon as possible and make sessions a priority
  2. Fear of the unknown is normal, healthy and needs balancing with courage, research and faith
  3. When we are challenged – we grow
  4. We are not aware of what we are truly capable of until faced with challenges to overcome

If you and your family find yourself facing similar uncertainty, relocation, or even the possibility of one – I would recommend a coach. A coach can help smooth out the bumps in the road, and this can be a lifesaver when your energy reserves are hitting rock bottom!

I am extremely grateful that I can now look at each challenge that I face and overcome, to be a blessing. Each challenge survived means I am growing; becoming more resourceful and more able to deal with whatever comes next.

At Enhanced Relocation we love helping families navigate change.

If you would like to explore getting support please get in touch!